NSP Drift Events 2011 Campaign -- let's get this started

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NSP Drift Events 2011 Campaign -- let's get this started

Post  ProperOne on Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:08 pm

It's cold. I'm ready for next year. I earnestly believe we can be successful hosting events in 2011 and will be putting an honest effort into getting things started.

I had an enormous response from the GWB Meet that we held this year and think that we can use the response from a meet to bolster financial support as well as overall attendance and the quality of the event and would like to throw the next GWB-series event in conjunction with an NSP Drift Day.

Any opinions? I'm pretty sure we can come up with the right marketing scheme for our target area.. just need it planned out and a definite day we can do it -- though I obviously cannot support the insurance and such necessary for an event. Could we possibly have StreetWise handle the legal portion and registration while we host the venue and handle the marketing? As possibly a joint venture between NSP and SWD?

I know we can get 30 drivers. I know we can get a enormous response. I know we can throw an amazing event for both those involved and spectators.

Let's do this!


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