Sooooo..for the cookout -- I has a request.

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Sooooo..for the cookout -- I has a request.

Post  ProperOne on Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:45 am

Okay if we're doing a Forza drift showdown.. First.. It has to be on Maple Valley (full). It's the best course for it because it's decently short, has all diff. kinds of drift situations (high speed entry, low speed entry, connections, tight/wide, etc.) and it's one of the only courses where you can stay in a drift for a majority of the track (with only 3 straights).

2nd.. a personal request..

I'm gonna need a V8-powered RWD car (Pontiac G8 or 05+ Mustang preferably).. with 800+hp.. (more the better, mustang will need the Ford GT 5.4L with two turbos)... race brakes/suspension/weight reduction/drivetrain/tires/etc.) With adj. gearing.. 2-way adj. diff set to 100% accel. lock and 80% decel. lock... prob. around a 3.83 final drive.. 2.5 deg. neg camber front.. 1.5 deg. neg camber rear.. 5.8 deg. caster.. and 20 lbs. added to the spring rate front/rear.. i'll likely need to make damper changes. No functional aero plz.

But yeah, Josh I know you can achieve mad money so... if you could help me out with that I'll be able to do my best sliding Smile

see ya'll tonight!


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